Q&A with Darren

What do you do when you’re not making delicious pizzas in Metro? When I’m not making the best pizza in Newcastle, I play my guitar – my kids usually make request like ‘shut up!’ I secretly enjoy making them cringe with my angelic voice!

What is your favourite thing in the world? (besides MOD)? Besides MOD it’s music and secretly doing the moonwalk in my socks. I’m a social butterfly and I love spending time with friends and family. All my friends play an instrument and it makes for fun garden parties!

What was the last gig or show you went to? Last gig was Alter Bridge – full on Rockfest

Do you have a quote you live by? ‘Logic will get you from A-Z but imagination will take you everywhere’ Albert Einstein

What do you do when you want to kick back? I like to kick back on the sofa with my partner and girls with either a green tea or gin – both my girls talk at 1,000 miles an hour so it’s usually gin but I love nothing more than hearing about their day as they are my world!


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