Made On Demand Pizza

No one can avoid being drawn into Leicester Square’s garish environs from time to time. It could be work, or a cousin refusing to go back to Wood Green without taking a 45 minute trudge around M&Ms World. But the place can be made bearable with the right sustenance, and a visit to Made on Demand Pizza provides just that.

The Seattle chain has arrived on British shores with a simple MO: fresh pizza tailored to the frantic pace of working life. It took about 10 minutes for our freshly baked “Jasper” (mozzarella, mushrooms, spicy Italian sausage and added feta, £11.50) to arrive, and when it did it was a rich delight reminiscent of the handcrafted care you might find at a real deal US slicery. A date venue this is not, but it’s a good option for post-office debriefs, solo melancholia or reward for a turn around The National Gallery.