MOD Pizza

MOD Pizza, an American franchise, has just opened a new restaurant in Central London, planting its latest location in Leicester Square. 

Pizza-lovers rejoice, because if there’s a country that knows pizza almost as well as the Italians do, it’s America.

First debuting in Leeds in June 2016, MOD has since branched out to Brighton and Gateshead. A bit shy of the whopping 179 locations they have in the States, perhaps – but they’re getting there. They’re also due to open a fifth venue in Nottingham.

Overseeing the brand’s UK expansion are Sir Charles Dunstone and Roger Taylor, in partnership with MOD’s co-founders Scott and Ally Svenson.

Pizza as You Please

Love a bit of dough-it-yourself? You’re going to love MOD Pizza’s unique “totally customisable” concept. For a fixed price you can create your own pizza from a selection of over 30 toppings and sauces. You’ll never have to switch out toppings or make substitutions again. (Fusspots, we’re looking at you.) Alternatively, choose a classic flavour off their menu.

And we haven’t even told you the best part. Their pizzas are baked individually – because they know that Joey doesn’t share food, and neither do we. Also available are hand-tossed salads; house-made milkshakes, lemonades and iced teas; and plenty of beer and wine.

Pizza With a Purpose

MOD Pizza aims to bring their people-first culture to the UK. Their mantra? A “purpose beyond pizza” – a commitment to making a positive social impact on their employees and the community.

They’ve partnered up with Global Radio’s Make Some Noise to raise funds for charity. One hundred percent of their proceeds from opening day have been donated to the cause, and the fund-raising effort will continue every Thursday throughout 2016.

Finally – pizza you can actually feel great about eating. Though, if you are going all-out and having a cheat day, you may also want to check out nearby HipChips.

While neither American nor Italian, we know a good pizza when we see one. And given the charitable commitment here, we do think we can say this is a good one – in more than one sense of the word.

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