MOD Pizza @ intuMetrocentre | Foodie Review

Calling all North East Foodies, there’s a new pizza parlor in town and it’s the place to be.

So you might have read me banging on about the intuMetrocentre, Gateshead having a bit of a re-vamp a few months ago here when I visited one of their new restaurants. It really has been the lift that place needed, I always used to moan that there was no decent food places and now we’re spoilt for choice. The newest biggie to the food court is MOD Pizza! I’d seen a lot of pictures gracing my Instagram feed of people’s own pizzas they’d put together at the place and was desperate to visit so when the MOD Pizza team got in touch with me asking if I fancied going down to make my own and try, they couldn’t get me there fast enough!

Before I went I decided to do some research on the company, I was curious as to where the brand had suddenly came from and this is what I found out… MOD Pizza first opened its doors in 2008 in America of course, to be precise downtown Seattle. The concept of the company was inspired by Scott and Ally Svensons love for authentic Italian street food and the UK Mod Movement of the 60s and 70s. Their vision was to create a food heaven and place where busy families (like their own) could visit for quick, scrumptious and affordable meal. Their success didn’t make the pair forget their roots meaning they remained humble and created a scheme called “MOD’s purpose beyond pizza” to become a force for positive change in the lives of its team members and the communities it serves. Since MOD has cracked America, it’s time to crack the UK… but first the North East. 

I went down last Friday with my boyfriend for a date night where we were greeted by the lovely staff and explained too about how the restaurant actually works. They told us we could either go and get a seat or get straight in the Pizza line where we could carefully select either a classic pizza from the menu or create our own… obviously we wanted to create our own! We conferred about which topping, sauce, cheese, veggies we were going to get but by the time we go to the counter, down to the nitty gritty I wanted it all on my pizza! Greedy Alice came out to play. I’ve mentioned before that my boyfriend is such a plain eater, so he got his bog standard chicken pizza however give him his due he did try a few different cheeses and garlic on there. I, however went all out. Staring with a mixture of tomato and pesto sauce, a sprinkle of mozzarella, chicken, roasted garlic, mushroom, red onion and actual tomato’s I’d like to name it the Zest of Alice Delight… Unreal. Once you’ve chosen all your toppings, the pizza then makes it’s way to the oven and you get to sit back for a few minutes, grab a drink and chill.

While I was waiting for my pizza, I had a browse around their drinks selection. We went for the bottomless drink option meaning we could take full advantage of the homemade lemonade available as well as the flash soft drinks machine.  I opted for the homemade black berry lemonade, it was possibly the best lemonade I’ve ever drank to be honest. Within a flash our pizzas were ready and our name was called (they take your name at the beginning and write it on your sheet of pizza). Food was served!

Firstly, lets talk about the base of the pizza rather than it be chunky and filling it was the perfect stone baked base thin and crispy, just how I like it so you can actually taste the toppings too. The ingredients tasted so fresh and juicy, the taste of the tomato’s was zesty and delicious, plus the roasted garlic was like melt in the mouth. My creation worked well, meaning all of the toppings I’d selected intertwined together so that the flavours burst-ed together in my mouth…the ultimate italiano pizza! My boyfriends pizza was basically the cheese dream, it was saturated in melted cheese dripping the chicken and tomato combined to be the ultimate chicken pizza.

I had a great time at MOD Pizza at intuMetrocentre and they have a great selection of pizzas for all of the family, especially the little ones with there mini inch pizzas. Make sure to check out their menu and visit!

Thank you to the team at MOD for inviting me down!