MOD Pizza Leeds

Pizza and I have a love-hate relationship. I love the taste of pizza and I often find myself craving it on a Friday night, but due to the large amount of cheese and high calorie count, my stomach being slightly lactose-intolerant and having other issues often takes a heavy dislike to it. With all the issues that pizza usually gives me, it now tends to be the last thing I order on the menu, but when a newly launched pizza restaurant in Leeds got in touch saying that they offer dairy-free, make your own pizzas, I thought it would be worth giving it a try.

Named as America’s fastest growing chain restaurant,the Seattle-based cult Pizza brand, MOD Pizza have brought their artisan-style, superfast pizzas to the UK and have opened their first ever U.K store at Cardigan Fields Leisure Park in Leeds. MOD Pizza offers made on demand (MOD) pizzas and salads at one price, regardless of the number of toppings and they also cater for those like myself who are lactose intolerant and partial to the odd vegan meal.
MOD’s individual pizzas are made on demand, right in front of you, with fresh-pressed dough, signature sauces and lots of wholesome fresh ingredients. Customers are able to pick a pizza from the existing menu or create their own pizzas using any combination of over 304 featured toppings. I opted for the garlic rub (the dairy free sauce) then layered my pizza with dairy-free cheese, roasted cauliflower, mushrooms, roasted peppers, roasted garlic, asparagus and artichoke. I also opted for the homemade lemonade which came with free refills.
My lemonade was a little bit on the sweet side for me, but there was so many drinks that came with free refills that you are literally spoiled for choice. The pizza was definitely the star of the show – it had plenty of texture combined with the juiciness of the vegetables and the vegan cheese was really flavoursome. Usually when I’m two slices in my stomach starts doing flips, but this time it was perfectly fine. The pizza wasn’t oily and I just the right amount that my stomach was satisfied and content after the meal. I honestly couldn’t fault it.
I really enjoyed my time at MOD Pizza and although it is a slight journey out of Leeds city centre, it is definitely worth the visit. If you’re all about American themed diners and love a rustic, authentic style pizza, ┬áMOD is somewhere you should consider visiting.
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