New to Leeds: MOD Pizza

Mod Pizza is massive in the USA, but the new restaurant at Cardigan Fields is set to be the first to open in the UK…

It’s not often that Leeds gets something before London, at least not when it comes to international brands. But this time we’re trumping everywhere else in the UK, as US giants, MOD Pizza, are opening their first UK restaurant at Cardigan Fields, giving the Italian classic a DIY makeover that will put you in charge.

Mod Pizza

MOD Pizza was started by Scott and Ally Svenson back in 2008. They wanted fast, affordable and healthy dining options for the whole family, but there wasn’t anywhere in their home town of Seattle that fitted the bill – and so, they set about making it happen themselves, creating an innovative new pizzeria that took its inspiration from Italian street food, but made it entirely customisable.

That’s what sets Mod apart. You can have anything on your pizza, well, anything on the menu. They have five different sauces, with your usual red and white sauce alongside BBQ, pesto and even a garlic rub. From there, you choose your cheese. This time you’ve got six choices, including the traditional mozzarella, but that’s accompanied by feta, gorgonzola, asiago and parmesan – there’s even a dairy free cheese for vegans and people with allergies.

The selection of toppings on offer is huge. Carnivores will be positively spoilt for choice with the likes of pepperoni, bacon, ground beef and Canadian bacon alongside salami, grilled chicken and Italian sausage. But if you’re veggie, you certainly won’t be disappointed. There are nineteen vegetarian toppings, ranging from herbs like rosemary, basil and cilantro to pizza classics like jalapeños, pineapple, mushrooms and roasted red peppers.

Mod Pizza

And believe it or not, that’s not even the end of your choices. To finish your pizza, you’ve got a selection of sauces – think hot buffalo, balsamic fig glaze and sri-rancha, to name but a few. You really could make something different every time you go – and whatever you put on, no matter how many ingredients you choose, it’ll only cost £7.47. You even get a free do-over if you don’t like your creation. It certainly makes ordering a bit more exciting.

“MOD has revolutionised the pizza scene in the US,” John Nelson, CEO of MOD UK, told us. “We’re changing the way people experience pizza. Customers create their own individual artisan-style pizza – choosing from over 30 toppings on our menu of MOD classics – which is then hand-cooked in our 300°c oven in about 4 minutes.”

Of course, they do offer a range of ready made options, for those of you who want to keep it simple – after all, the ordering process can be a little overwhelming as you work your way down a Subway style counter, choosing what you want as you go. You can also opt for salad, if you’re feeling healthy, covering their simple salad in as many toppings as you desire.

MOD Pizza

To wash down your dinner, you can have Estrella or a little something from BrewDog, but Nelson seems rather keen on the non-alcoholic options, and rightly so. “One thing you must try is one of our delicious hand-spun US milkshakes (which are truly to die for). For the connoisseurs of soft drinks, we are proud to be one of the first restaurants in the UK to use the new Coke Bridge (a fountain machine which provides up to 35 flavours of soft drinks).”

The latter gives you all manner of weird and wonderful concoctions, from your run of the mill cherry coke to raspberry Fanta and our personal favourite, raspberry Sprite.

MOD pizza is an interesting proposition and a UK first, but what do you think of it? Let us know in the comments.

MOD Pizza, Cardigan Fields Leisure Park, Kirkstall Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS4 2DG.