This new London restaurant lets you flip your own pizza for a good cause


Last night we made our own pizza at what might become our new favourite Central London restaurant – MOD Super Fast Pizza in Leicester Square.

This fast casual pizza diner, founded by Scott and Ally Svenson, originated in 2008 in Seattle and has now opened its third venue in the UK, taking the Made On Demand pizza overseas.

Other than emerging from a love of authentic Italian street pizza and the UK Mod movement of the 60s and 70s, the pizza parlor make a product that’s a catchy blend between Neapolitan pizza and American pizza.

Each customer can produce their own personalized pizza selecting as many toppings as they want, for less than £8!

I must admit I’m far from being a good cook. Far from even being a decent cook! However, the MOD Squad (the MOD staff) let me behind the counter and guided me through the process of how they make personalized pizza with the help of the customer every time somebody walks in and orders something.

First you flip the dough, so it doesn’t stick. Then you add a sauce – and they’ve got a large selection ranging from home-made tomato sauce to pesto. Then you add from the meat bar, the veggie bar, the cheese bar… there are a total of 54 toppings you can choose from! You can have a tiny pizza, a normal sized pizza or a mega pizza, one with a double crust (the owners confessed they made that pizza with their football-playing son in mind!)

For anybody with a sweet tooth, the staff also showed me how to make their tiny delicious cinnamon pizzas, and I got a sip of their home-made lemonade.

What’s special about MOD is that it’s so much more than just a pizza place. The company believes they have a purpose beyond pizza… “to become a force for positive change in the lives of its team members and the communities it serves.”

In fact, MOD UK is partnered with Global’s Make Some Noise, a charity pioneering 30 underdog charities throughout Britain. MOD has instituted a relationship with the non-profit organisation, as it has done in America with several different charities, and will donate 100% of their sales from their opening day, as well as organising all sorts of similar fundraisers throughout the year.

After chatting with a few of the MOD squadders, I really got the impression that everybody was there because they were happy to be there and because they felt this was a fruitful environment, not just because it is work they get paid for.

Furthermore, the restaurant operates in a diverse, charitable environment. The restaurant even set aside an emergency fund in case their employees ever need some money while going through a hard time.

Above is a picture of me with my fresh lemonade and my personalized pizza. It tasted much better than any pizza I ever thought I’d be able to make.

MOD is a great lunch location where you can personalise your pizza and eat something delicious for a cheap price… while also giving back to the community!

MOD is officially launching on December 8th, when it will give out free pizza to its first 50 customers.