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We'll serve up our fave pizzas and sides to share, plus wine, beer or soda, all for just £15pp

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Food & Drink

We'll bring outA pizza+ side per personKeep it all to yourselfor share 'em up!You'll get a mixof our favesso you can try a lil'bit of everything


Choose fromglass of prosecco 125mlDraught Beer PINTGlass of wine 175mlorbottomless sodasto sip with your foodWhether it's a glass for oneor a bottle to shareWe'll make sure there's enoughto go around

Don't forget

If you’re veggie, vegan or gluten free don’t worry. There’s something for everyone

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Great! Book through the form below. If you’ve left things last minute, don’t panic – just call your local MOD and they’ll see what they can do.